Refugee Family Support

June 24, 2016 at 10:01 am Categories: News, Volunteer Needs

These past few years we have all heard so much about the refugee crisis. When we listen to the news, it can seem like an overwhelming problem. But God knows and sees each and every one of these refugees, and He knows their names.

In the next few months, we at First Alliance will have a chance to learn some of their names as well. Our church will be sponsoring a family, supporting them through their transition to Lexington, developing relationships with them, and helping them to get settled and begin a new life in Kentucky.

Our church will help to make their transition to Lexington as smooth as possible, to prepare a home for them, and to stand alongside this family as they adjust to life in a new culture.

We will give them a place to stop running:
Our community will support this family by covering the costs for an apartment and utilities for their first three months in Lexington.

We will give them a place to really live:
Together we will come up with donations or purchases of beds, sofas, tables, chairs, lamps, and dressers. Then we’ll fill their home with sheets and blankets, towels, dishes, pots and pans, and appliances.

Finally, we will give them a place to love:
We’ll hang curtains, put pictures on the walls, bedspreads on beds, and add little touches to make their home beautiful.

But providing materially is only half of the picture. We will also be there for them, showing them the love of Christ, and standing by their side as they adjust to life in a new culture.

  • We will be there to meet them at the airport to welcome them when they first arrive.
  • We will be there to help teach them English and learn about our culture.
  • We will be there to give them rides to the grocery store, to doctors appointments, and to help them find their bearings in a new city.
  • We will be there to help them become self-sufficient as they look for employment.

If you would like to help, fill out the form below: