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Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. – I Corinthians 12:27

Each person in our church has different gifts, skills, interests, and experiences. And just like our bodies need every part to function properly, the body of Christ needs every person to plug in and and be a part of it. Whether you are looking for a way to volunteer, or you just want a greater sense of community, there are many different ways you can get plugged in to First Alliance. Take a look at the opportunities listed below and start thinking about where you can plug in. Then, come to the ministry fair on August 30th. There you can speak with a ministry leader to ask questions and learn more about how you can get involved, and take the opportunity to sign up before all the programs start back up for the fall!

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Opportunities to Connect

Adult Enrichment Classes

Come to first service, then attend one of our adult enrichment classes during second service. Some classes are year-round while others change every 6-8 weeks to address a variety of classes. No sign up is required. Just show up ready to learn and grow with others! Learn more about our classes here.

Life Groups

Sign ups are being taken through the end of August to join a Life Group beginning in the fall. These are small groups that meet in someone’s home twice a month. This is a great way to form deep connections with others at First Alliance. Sign up to join a life group here. 

Women’s Ministry

The women’s ministry offers a new Bible study every semester, regular events to encourage fellowship, and a monthly meeting of moms of young children. Getting involved in any of these activities is a great way to form encouraging relationships with other women. See more information here. 

Children and Youth

All Children and Youth can participate in classes on Sunday Mornings (see our Sunday schedule for details). Other opportunities include Wednesday night Bible Study for Middle Schoolers, Wednesday night Life Groups for Senior High, Alliance Girls, and the Bible Quizzing Team, as well as special events throughout the year.

Baby Boomers & Beyond

Baby Boomers & Beyond is a group that caters specifically to the over 50 crowd.  Our philosophy is that there is no real retirement for those that serve the Lord.  There is always work to be done and we are ready and willing and able (even in our older years) to do what we can! Our activities each month are as varied as the folks in our group.


Opportunities to Volunteer

Service Ministries

Maintenance Team

Members of the maintenance team perform minor maintenance tasks around the church building such as painting, small engine repair, drywall repair, electrical repair, and landscaping on an as needed basis.

Meals Ministry

The meals ministry provides meals to church families in times of need due to sickness, a death in the family, or a new baby. If you have the desire to provide for the physical and spiritual nourishment of families in the church, we invite you to be a part of this ministry. We are in need of both volunteers to prepare the meals and coordinators to make sure meals are scheduled for all the families that need them. Both roles serve on a rotating monthly basis, three months out of the year.

Men’s Service Team

The men’s service team meets monthly for fellowship over a hearty breakfast. After breakfast they will engage in various handy-man activities in the homes of church members who are unable to do the work themselves.



Warmly greet church members and visitors as they enter the church to make sure they feel welcome. Greeters serve one Sunday per month for 15 minutes before and into each service. A one year commitment to the team is requested.


Help each service run smoothly by greeting people at the door to the sanctuary before worship, handing out the program, assisting  people in finding a seat in the sanctuary, and passing the offering plate during the service. Ushers serve one Sunday a month.

Coffee Bar Attendant

Welcome attenders as they get coffee, offer information and assistance to new attenders, and clean up the coffee bar following the coffee time between the services. Coffe Bar Attendants serve Sunday mornings between services.

Guest Services Attendant

Welcome guests as they arrive at church. Offer information and guidance to guests who visit Guest Services. Attendants serve 15 minutes prior to the 1st service, between services, and 15 minutes following the 2nd service. On a monthly rotation.

Children and Youth

Alliance Girls Volunteer

To encourage young girls in their interest in learning about Alliance Missionaries and their desire to faithfully uphold them in prayer. Volunteers serve two hours once a month (usually the last Friday of the month).

Senior High Small Group Leaders

Help teach and disciple high school students in classroom and small group settings. Join an enjoyable team of volunteers who invest in the upcoming generation. Small Group Leaders serve each Sunday during second service and/or Wednesday nights 6:45-8:30. Also a few hours a month visiting youth outside of church and occasional leader meetings.

Nursery/Preschool Delivery Agent

The Delivery Agents assist children to their nursery room or preschool class. They comfort children and parents, and they cheerfully and lovingly help children transition. Delivery agents also deliver children from classrooms at the end of services. Delivery Agents serve one or more services per month, for 20 minutes at the beginning and end of services.

Nusery Preschool Check-In Agent

The Check-In Agents greet families and check children into the security system for the morning. They also check children out when parents come to retrieve them at the end of the day. Check-In Agents serve one or more services per month; 20 minutes at the beginning and end of service.

Nusery Caregiver

Nursery Caregivers provide love, comfort, and play to children in the nursery. Caregivers support and encourage parents by keeping nursery rooms safe and inviting. Caregivers serve one service, once or more a month, one-year commitment (August through July).

Middle School Bible Study Leaders

Prepare and lead weekly Bible Study discussions with middle school kids. Join the team of Sunday morning or Wednesday evening leaders, and lighten everyone’s load! Middle School Bible Study Leaders serve Sundays during 2nd service or Wednesdays during the school year, from 6:45-8:30pm.

Women’s Ministry

Secret Sisters Special Events Coordinator

The Special Events Coordinator helps plan and implement group activities, events, and service opportunities that are a part of this ministry, providing caring and communicating between women throughout the year.

MomSPA Childcare Coordinator

The Childcare Coordinator recruits volunteers that will keep the little ones happy and occupied while mom gets some adult time with other mothers at each month’s MomSPA. The Childcare Coordinator serves at monthly MomSPA events plus some outside phone calls and emails.

MomSPA Team Member

Team Members help plan and coordinate the MomSPA activities and events that provide our mothers with Support, Pampering, and Life Alignment. Members attend monthly planning meeting and monthly MomSPA events.

Women’s Ministry Planning Team Member

Team Members help plan special women’s ministry events throughout the year.

Missions Ministry

New Worker Development

Recruiting, training, nurturing and deplyoing workers from within our church for the mission field.

Prayer & Care

Stay connected relationally and act as prayer partners for our First Alliance Missionairies.

Planning Team

Raising missions awareness and vision at First Alliance through Global Impact Weekends and missions education.

Outreach Partnership Team

Developing missions partnerships in the US and sending strategic short term missions.

Worship Team

Worship Team Leader

Serves the congregation through leading a worship team. Assigned to a team that serves on a rotating bases during a four month trimester.


Serves the congregation through singing on a worship team. Assigned to a team that serves on a rotating bases during a four month trimester.


Serves the congregation by playing on a worship team. Assigned to a team that serves on a rotating bases during a four month trimester.

Audio/Recording Technician

Operates the audio & recording equipment. Assigned to a team that serves on a rotating bases during a four month trimester.

Video/Projection Technician

Operates the the video and projection equipment. Assigned to a team that serves on a rotating bases during a four month trimester.