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September 27, 2013

Byte-Sized News

I have a friend who spent several months on assignment in New York City.  When I first learned of his destination, I admit I was more than a little jealous because I love to travel. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have months to explore a big and exciting city. There are new foods to be tasted, soaring architecture to be admired, and priceless works of art to view in dozens of world-class museums. What a summer!

I had many questions about his time in the city.  “Did you go to any great shows on Broadway?  Did you see the Yankees play?  Tell me everything!”

His response?  “I really did not have time to do very much.”

I was in disbelief. No plays, no games, and maybe one museum. How could anyone go to New York and not take advantage of all the cultural, epicurean, and sporting events?  It was a summer of missed opportunities.

If I may use my friend’s trip as a comparison to our church, we have opportunities here at First Alliance that are just waiting to be experienced and enjoyed. Even more exciting than New York, our events have eternal benefits. Each Sunday we have very gifted teachers who have spent their week preparing to offer Adult Electives. These classes are grounded in scripture and provide practical use in our lives as followers of Jesus. The classes are also a great way of getting plugged in to the community life our people.

I have asked several class members to share their thoughts about electives. Here is what they have to say:

I am a huge fan of the adult electives at FAC. We are blessed with great teachers that bring thoughtful insight into spiritual development.  This is hard to overstate. I’ve had many classes where I’ve been stretched and challenged. The quality of instruction is first rate – not overly academic, but dialed in to the everyday practice of faith. The classes have also served as a great forum to get to know other FAC brothers and sisters. This can be a challenge in a large church.  For my part, this has become a special community of personal encouragement. I know the teachers put a huge effort into preparing these sessions – it’s greatly appreciated and I know contributes to a solid biblical foundation for our church community.

Tim Woods

My wife and I joined the young married couples’ class because we wanted to get more involved in the community at FAC.  We have met so many wonderful friends through the class. These friends have helped my wife and I navigate the life transitions that my wife and I are experiencing.  During this class we were also able to have weekly discussions on how each couples’ relationship can grow.  Ultimately, this class has helped me be a more gentle, patient, and understanding husband.  Praise God!

Joshua Hurst

We’ve loved having the chance to participate in adult electives; it’s such a great opportunity to engage new topics and learn from others in our congregation. We’ve been able to study various books of the Bible and dialogue about life issues, and we really enjoy getting to take an in-depth look at topics pertinent to our lives in Christ. We love the rotation of options, the biblical teaching, and the fellowship!

Mark and Lauren Reyes

See our website to see what others have to say and take a look at our current classes!

Consider this your personal invitation.  We hope to see you in class soon!

Brad Lewis
Assistant Pastor

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