Newsletter: March 29, 2019

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March 29, 2019

The Message is Hope

First Alliance Church


Depending on your age, you’ve either heard of the absurdities that people my age lived through when we were young, or you actually experienced them like I did. I’m talking about unheard-of-today activities like driving without a seat belt (if your car even had them), lawn Jarts, vomit-inducing merry-go-rounds (been there, done that), riding a bicycle without a helmet, or even the dreaded drinking water from a garden hose.

I say this tongue-in-cheek of course (except the garden hose part – I still do that).  It’s important to be safe in life and to take precautions that are available to you in potentially hazardous situations. The interesting thing about safety is, you probably don’t think much about it when you walk through the doors of First Alliance Church. We’re fortunate, blessed, grateful, and whatever other words you want to use, that our facility has not caught fire, been through a tornado, or experienced any other kind of event where the well-being of nearly 1,000 people on-site has been put at risk. And our church’s Safety Team (yes, we have one of those!) is working to ensure that a high level of safety continues throughout our campus.

In our children’s ministry areas, we take safety very seriously! This Sunday we’re taking that to the next level as we hold our first-ever fire drill. If you have a baby, preschooler, or elementary child, there’s nothing extra you have to do on Sunday but to trust that our volunteers are ready to practice getting your kids out of our areas calmly and smoothly. And because it appears the weather won’t be cooperating, we will not be heading outdoors to areas that are designated for us to gather in when we exit the building. You can see those on the map.

One thing everyone can and should do in case we need to exit the facility on a Sunday morning – FIRST completely leave the building, THEN proceed to the designated areas to get your children! It’s totally understandable that your first inclination is to rush through the building to grab your kids. But this actually puts you and others at a higher risk as we’re all trying to exit together. Allow our folks to escort all children out to their designated areas, then proceed to those places after everyone is out.

If you have questions about this Sunday’s fire drill, or about any other church safety related issue, feel free to contact the church office or Deb MacKay, who heads up the Safety Team. But don’t even get them started on children riding in the front seat or trampolines without nets.

Tim Davis

Pastor of Children & Families

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