Newsletter: March 16, 2018

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March 16, 2018

The Message is Hope

First Alliance Church


If you had the opportunity to ask Jesus one question, what would you ask? 

The disciples had a sweet deal. To literally walk next to Jesus every day. To watch him live life, interact with other people, perform miracles, and interact with God. They asked many questions along the way but one has stuck out to me recently. Jesus had just finished a time of prayer and the disciples asked, “Jesus, how should we pray?” I imagine them sitting back, watching Jesus’ rich prayer life with God and thinking I want that! So, they asked.

Fifty-four students and 10 leaders are headed to Bluegrass Christian Camp for a spring retreat on Saturday. Our theme is prayer and that’s the question I want all of us to ask Jesus this weekend. How should we pray? We’re going to look at different types of prayer, what prayer is, and why prayer is important. My prayer for the retreat is all of us would walk away with a fresh understanding of what prayer is and possibly, a new way to pray we’ve never considered before.

Would you join me in praying for this weekend of prayer? I invite you to pray for the students attending, the leaders who will be coming alongside, the men and women who are helping with the meals, and BrothersXSisters, who are leading worship for us. We covet your prayers for the high school ministry. Thank you in advance for your prayers this weekend.

We, like the disciples, are asking, “Jesus, how should we pray?” And I know He will lead us.

Dan McPherson

Pastor to Youth

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