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August 7, 2018

The Message is Hope

First Alliance Church


I love back to school season. Something about buying new folders and a six pack of highlighters that I will most likely lose forever in a backpack is exciting to me. My final year of college should have been my crowning moment—my last back to school season. I bought the new shoes, proudly displayed the new backpack and strutted like a stud to my first class of my final year. You could not tarnish my joy.  Even when I realized I had been sitting for thirty minutes in the wrong class, it was still a good day. I thought I was ready. We have a lot of students—young and old—returning to school this year who think they are ready. 

This Sunday is Step Up Sunday for everyone from age 2 to high school. This means new students, new classrooms, new teachers, new everything for most of our family. My prayer for this Sunday and this year is that we humble ourselves and realize that we are not ready. We are building. If we were ready, Jesus would let us know. 

As a Church, let us shower this start to a new year with prayer. Pray for the minds and hearts of those who crossover a new threshold. Pray for the words and encourage the community of leaders who have said yes. Pray for our families; that this year may truly be a new year.

If God is tugging at your heart and you are curious about getting involved, please contact us.

Tanner Fouts

Pastor of Middle School

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