Newsletter-April 24, 2015

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April 24, 2015

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So long childhood!

Every year spring gives a reminder of how beautiful God’s creation really is—as if we forgot. You go outside more. You roll down the windows in the car. Weddings pop up every weekend and Kleenex sales skyrocket as mothers prepare to watch their little ones grow up and graduate from school.  Even a kindergarten graduate can bring tears.

I don’t have kids and probably won’t understand it until I do, but I see about 300 kids grow up right in front of me every week.  Some that were in my first middle school class are now getting married.  Some are getting ready to go into high school, but I can still picture them as the toddler I met so many years ago.


Each year brings up different emotions as milestones are reached and that childhood innocence seems ever so fleeting.  But just like spring, God gives us moments that remind us of the beauty that He has created.  This Sunday night is one of those moments.  The Middle School Ministry Showcase is a chance for our students to glorify God with their gifts.  Our students have accomplished a lot this year—from a massive record breaking Lock-In to serving the church in new ways with the first ever Pre-school VBS.  We intend on celebrating each and everyone one of those moments in a special way.   

Join us on Sunday night at 6pm for a wonderful night for the whole family.  A cookie reception will be provided by the Baby Boomers and Beyond after the show. 

Tanner Fouts

Student Ministry Assistant

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