Sunday Classes

Adult Education at First Alliance Church is a safe, welcoming place to gain a deeper love for and knowledge of God’s word, get connected, and grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We offer a variety of classes each year to address everyone’s needs and interests. Some classes meet year round, while others last only a few months and change regularly. Take a look at what is being offered and choose the class that is right for you. We look forward to seeing you there!

All classes meet on Sundays at 10:45 am. 

Current Classes

The Open Word

Led by Various Teachers, Dining Room
Year-round class

Join this caring and nurturing group as we work together to deepen our understanding of scripture. This on-going class will be led by a variety of teachers. Current series on Luke. Click here for full schedule. 

Living the Dream: Young Marrieds Class

Lower Auditorium, Main
Year-round class

This class is for young married and engaged couples.  We hope to enjoy a relaxed, discussion-oriented class where we emphasize fellowship with each other and our creator as key to a healthy marital relationship.


What others are saying…

“I am a huge fan of the adult enrichment classes at FAC.  We are blessed with great teachers that bring thoughtful insight into spiritual development.  This is hard to overstate.  I’ve had many classes where I’ve been stretched and challenged.  The quality of instruction is first rate – not overly academic, but dialed in to the everyday practice of faith.  The classes have also served as a great forum to get to know other FAC brothers and sisters.  This can be a challenge in a large church.  For my part, this has become a special community of personal encouragement.  I know the teachers put a huge effort into preparing these sessions – it’s greatly appreciated and I know contributes to a solid biblical foundation for our church community.”

-Tim Woods

“My husband and I have attended First Alliance Church for the past two and one half years.  Growing spiritually and staying connected in the body of Christ has always been a priority for us.  One way we have been able to do this is by attending some of the enrichment classes offered regularly at First Alliance.  Not only do they challenge us in a healthy way in growing closer to Christ but they are a great way to make new friends.  The teachers are not only equipped with wisdom and guidance biblically but also have a deep desire to follow God and be led by him.  We have been blessed beyond measure.”

-Ann and Don Shannon 

“My wife and I joined the young married couples’ class because we wanted to get more involved in the community at FAC.  We have met so many wonderful friends through the class. These friends have helped my wife and I navigate the life transitions that my wife and I are experiencing.  During this class we were also able to have weekly discussions on how each couples relationship can grow.  Ultimately, this class has helped me be a more gentle, patient, and understanding husband.  Praise God!”

-Joshua Hursts

“The Great Commission in Matthew 28 charges the Apostles with both baptizing disciples and teaching them all that Jesus commanded. This means that when we choose to follow Christ, we make a commitment to lifelong learning. Small group bible studies play an essential role in this learning process. While sermons are both beneficial and challenging, the additional support of enrichment studies allows us to interact directly with other members of the church in studying the scriptures. These classes also promote discipleship through interaction between different age groups as well as encouraging us to continually develop new relationships with other members of the church. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of the many excellent teachers at First Alliance, and take another step forward in the lifelong process of following Christ.”

-Tim Brown