Meeting our long lost ancestors

March 12, 2011 at 10:39 pm Categories: Guinea - Hope Clinic

Today, we went to a chimp reserve, climbed some pretty stout hills and waited somewhat quietly to see some chimps. Actually, the trip confirmed in our minds that indeed an incredible creator made flora & fauna and even chimps to point to His glory. And as incredible as chimp-watching was, this week has been a steady reminder of the amazing creations that are women and men, children and boys.

Yesterday, we had the last day of clinic for the week…and about 4 pm, TGIF came to Guinea. We began the day with worship & testimonies with the HOPE staff. One great sorrow was the necessary amputation of a little boy’s leg below the knee. This surgery most likely saved his life in the long run. However, family and medical staff alike were sad.

By evening, we had all reached “the wall”. I walked around just before dinner to find that all 5 of my teammates were snoozing a little.

Later, the boys discovered a 6-7 inch scorpion just outside the guesthouse. I don’t know who was more traumatized, the boys or the scorpion!

Today, we had an early morning to the reserve, then returned with time for shopping in nearby N’Zerekore. We saw lots of people, people, people….just imagine that God knows each intimately…it is a lot to think about. Also, knowing that so many are without hope in this life and in the life to come.

Tomorrow, we have the joy of church Africa style (which may be a little more vibrant than our typical Sunday services). Please pray for little ol’ me as I attempt to bring an encouraging message to the local Mano church.

Thanks for the prayers….enjoy these photos!

for the whole team,