Meet the Harrisons!

October 10, 2013 at 9:33 am Categories: Global Impact, News


We are excited to have Randy and Deanna Harrison as our missionary speakers for this year’s Global Impact Weekend. There will be several opportunities to hear them speak over the course of the weekend. Click here to see a list of all our events. Each opportunity is sure to be informative, fun, and full of stories of the work God is doing in West Africa. We hope you can join us!


Randy and Deanna Harrison have been in full time overseas ministry for 35 years. After a time of language study in Europe, they began their teaching ministry in Africa in what is today the Democratic Republic of the Congo (ex-Zaire). Their three children were born in Congo. When the civil war forced them out of Congo, Randy and Deanna were invited to help with church planting in France while the situation stabilized in the Congo. That “temporary” commitment in France grew to 10 years of ministry in three different churches. In 2004 Randy and Deanna were asked to join the faculty of the West Africa Alliance Seminary (FATEAC in French) in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. After only 4 months in Cote d’Ivoire, civil war once again forced them to leave an African country. They were transferred to the neighboring country of Burkina Faso for three years. During those three years, they were involved in a church plant in the capital city of Ouagadougou. Deanna was also involved in evangelistic ESL classes and taught at the Missiological Institute of Ouagadougou. Randy was able to continue his ministry at the West Africa Alliance Seminary by flying in regularly to teach intensive modular courses. In September of 2008, the political situation allowed them to move back to Abidjan to carry on their seminary teaching. Randy teaches Biblical courses at FATEAC. Deanna teaches the wives in the Women’s Academy at FATEAC. Deanna also serves our Alliance international workers families as a Regional Educational Consultant.

Randy and Deanna have three adult children. Daniel and his wife Kim, along with little Eva, serve in the Middle East. Christy and her husband Peter, along with little Moses, are in preparation for service in the Horn of Africa. Rachel teaches in a Montessori school and hopes to eventually work with orphans in Africa.