May 8, 2016- Sermon: “Jesus Had A Mother” (Steve Elliott)

May 8, 2016 at 6:51 pm Categories: News, Sermons

Date: May 8, 2016

Speaker: Steve Elliott

Text: Luke 8

When a mother says, “would you like some advice?” it’s really a rhetorical question.

Jesus had a mother. And she was not his home.

You cannot change the past but you can change how the past “lives” in you.

It is constantly giving because it is self-giving love writ large: focused on the welfare of her children not on herself.

“‘Who are my mother and my brothers?’ he asked. Then he looked at those seated in a circle around him and said, ‘Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.’” – Mark 3:33-34

For to be a disciple of Jesus means doing the will of God even at the expense of our self.

Jesus is defining the character of his relationship with his mother… and its not going to be like every other mother/son relationship. 

Is there something you and I must die to with our expectations for our own children?

She must be his follower before she is his mother.

Who they are becoming is not a rejection of who you are but simply a redefining of the relationship.

But she also has her heart break a little to know that she could no longer hold onto him for who he used to be.

 It was a life she could only know by living it. And Him being alive within her, not outside of her.

“He said to his mother, ‘Dear woman, here is your son,’ And to the disciple, ‘Here is your mother.’”  – John 19:26-27

Could it be that it has always been the plan of the Son of God to give you to someone as he gave John to his mother?