May 7, 2017- Sermon: “Drenched By Doubt” (Steve Elliott)

May 7, 2017 at 1:07 pm Categories: News, Sermons

1. Who is someone in your life that you thought “walked on water”? Why them?

2. Share a story of a time that Jesus got you through a storm.

3. Share a story of when your faith was really challenged.

4. What have your storms been in the past year?

5. What lessons about faith have you learned over the years from your storms?

6. What is an area of trust with God where your faith is currently being stretched?

7. Who is someone who as been a good model of faith for you? What was the primary thing you learned from them?

8. Did you have a kind of ‘aha’ moment in the sermon? What was it?

9. What might one ‘just noticeable change’ you might make in light of what you heard today?

10. If someone at school or at your work asked you on Monday about what you gleaned from the message on Sunday, how would you answer?