Last Day at Hope Clinic

March 14, 2011 at 9:35 pm Categories: Guinea - Hope Clinic

Well, we’ve finished our final day at Hope. Bittersweet. It’s good to be coming home, but at the same time it’s hard to leave here. For some of us who have returned to Hope – renewing friendships and making a few new ones; for those here for the first time – making new friends. Friends who will tug at our hearts with a desire to return to our African family.

Last night we were unable to communicate with you due to some major African rains! Think about a thunderstorn right over your head, strong winds, and buckets of rain coming down for 5-6 hours — translation, NO internet service. The best part was a beautiful, clear, cool (for here – probably 80 degrees) morning. Prior to and during the beginning of the rain we had dinner at the home of Dr. Jean Yarendouno and were able to hear his testimony and spend time with his wonderful family! Wife Jaqueline, and daughters Cecelia and Grace. Cece spent a lot of the night playing with my hair (Judy’s) it’s quite a bit straighter and blonder than her’s. She also enjoyed Scott flipping her over his shoulder over and over and over again.

Many of the patients that come in have problems that, had they not waited 6-12 months before seeking help, would be so easy to treat. As it is, they come with advanced problems that may or may not be truly fixable. I saw three people like that today, it is really sad to have to tell them that the only treatment may be extensive and possibly disfiguring.

Church on Sunday was great. The Bible study hour was over Genesis 1. They were passing out copies of Geneis printed in the Mano language. Until now, they only had access to the New Testament in Mano. The discussion was good and covered the issue of the Trinity as God said “Let us make man in our image” and why man was created last – and they decided that it was because that way man could not claim any of the work of creation. Pretty theologically solid for a first read. The sermon was preached by none other than Kerry, who somehow combined the stories of Jonah and Elijah/Ahab/Jezebel and the fire sacrifce to display God’s mercy! When the story got to the point where the God of Elijah brought down fire, there were cheers from the crowd.

Well, we’re on the road at 6 AM tomorrow for the 12 hour part of the drive with the worst part of the road. Then Wednesday it’s a short 5-6 hours with time for us to shower at the Guest House in Conakry prior to boarding our plane at 8:45 PM for the trek back to Lexington. God has been gracious — providing us with health, protecting us from any injuries, and showing us a glimpse of what it is to experience the fullness of the family of God.

See you soon,

Judy (for the team)