Do you have a mountain?

June 21, 2014 at 5:55 pm Categories: Peru, Short Term Missions

On Friday, our morning work time was not as strenuous as other days. In the afternoon, we were paid back! We had the opportunity to climb a sand mountain near here. This mountain is just one aspect of the Inca Thakhi ministry, which is part of Inca Link Peru and is run by Joca (HO-kah), a a remarkable young man who is part of the Albergue community – see more about Inca Thakhi here.

Joca led us up the mountain with some of the kids in his ministry. The climb was much more challenging than you would think, but the view was amazing once we reached the over 1000 ft top. There, Joca shared with us the vision God has given him for Inca Thakhi and how they are reaching young people here with the love and Good News of Jesus through outdoor ministries. After a challenging devotional from the book of Jonah, it was time for us gringos to try our hand at sandboarding – see the pics for the results!

The climb up the mountain gave us all the opportunity to be reminded of a few things – that we can do all things through Christ’s strength; that we definitely need others in our lives so that we can have help and encouragement as we all walk through life together; that as we are climbing life’s mountain, we must occasionally look behind us and thank God for the view and the progress we see; that our lives are more like a marathon and not a sprint, forcing us to keep our eyes on Jesus so that we don’t lose sight of where he is leading us.

Maybe you have a mountain in your life right now. Maybe every step of life seems like a futile climb – your shoes are heavy with sand, your steps seems so small and insignificant, and you’re tired! Try to look behind you – how is the view different than it used to be? Be thankful and encouraged that God IS at your side, strengthening you for every small step. Keep climbing!

As you pray for our team, please remember Chris Johnson and Jason Davis, who are both in bed today (Saturday), both feeling very ill. Pray that God would restore their health and allow them to continue on with our team happenings. Thanks for praying!