In The Home Stretch…

A week from now, we’ll be flying to Houston, then on our way to Peru! We’ve had a great time preparing for this trip, and we can’t thank all of you enough who are praying for us, giving us supplies, and contributing financially. As we all begin to pack and continue to prepare ourselves mentally, […]

Gearing up for Peru 2014!

Are you a list maker? I have to be – there’s too much stuff to be remembered, and it all won’t fit nicely and neatly in my brain! Right now, we’re listing a lot of things as our team prepares to head to Trujillo, Peru, in less than three weeks – our trip is June […]

Peru 2012 is about to begin!

Our Peru missions teams leaves for Peru tomorrow!  Trip Dates: June 8-17 Team Members: Bailey BrownMandie BunnerKatie Beth CraigBrian DavisTim DavisMorgen HillisJustin IlerChris JohnsonDeb MacKay   This team will be going to Trujillo, Peru to continue work on the Children’s Home. Our chruch has sent teams to work on this home for the past several […]

A bittersweet night of goodbyes……

Today we got up, had a great breakfast, piled on a bus and headed to the Children’s Home work site for our last day of construction. The time has come where we’re all feeling a little tired and sore, but the work today was great! The cement mixer broke a couple days ago, so….we’ve been […]

mixing concrete old school!

Enjoy some photos!