Better Late Than Never!

Our daily reports were disrupted by illness that went through the team during the later part of our trip – our guys were especially hard hit by whatever was going around.  In spite of having members of the team spend the day in bed, we continued to have great experiences. On Saturday, we had two […]

Do you have a mountain?

On Friday, our morning work time was not as strenuous as other days. In the afternoon, we were paid back! We had the opportunity to climb a sand mountain near here. This mountain is just one aspect of the Inca Thakhi ministry, which is part of Inca Link Peru and is run by Joca (HO-kah), […]


On our cloudy and misty day today, the sun was shining through the faces of the children we got to see at Mana (Ministerio Ayuda a Niños y Adolecentes – Ministry Helping Children and Teens). Mana is a daycare for kids in the Porvenir area of Trujillo. We presented a skit retelling the story of Jesus […]

Work and Play

We’ve enjoyed a full day plus here in Peru. Yesterday we began the work part of our time here at Albergue (the name of the orphanage and compound where we live and work). Everyone jumped in, worked hard, and we ended the day satisfied that we could see progress on our different tasks. When kids […]

Estamos Aqui!

After a long but smooth day of travel, we are settled into our hotel for the night in Lima, Peru. Our entire team and all of our belongings made it here without one hitch. We’re thankful for God’s grace and goodness on our day. It was quite a blur of shuffling through immigration and customs […]