Asia Minor 2013

Colombia – Day 4

Witnessing door-to-door is an incredible, amazing, and very stretching experience. Our team has been going from house to house in two different neighborhoods in the city over the past two days. It’s been incredibly fruitful. We have came across drug dealers, ex convicts, and lots of people desperate for hope in a hopeless world. With […]

Colombia – Day 1

We made it to Colombia! We traveled for 19.5 hours, but we made it in with everything intact. It was such a blessing to have a smooth trip. Today we got started bright and early by doing grounds keeping work here at the seminary campus where we are staying. Pulling weeds and clearing flower beds was […]

one more note about the conference

This is going to be a great place to serve the Turkophiles.  Just one pic to whet your appetite for how blessed they will be here outside Ankara. And I didn’t even have to adjust the light or color or retouch this photo at all! ______________________________________________________________ “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler […]

Doing Great in Asia Minor

We have been off of the radar, but have had a great couple of days in a beautiful mountain region.  Then, we came on Friday to Ankara.  We have seen the city and pr#ayed much, and met some amazing workers for our Father.  This morning, we participated in worship with other believers.  Tonight we head […]

Another day, another mosque :-)

Yesterday, the Turkey tour group visited Hagia Sophia, a large and very famous Christian (RC) church in Istanbul, just across a park area from The Blue Mosque, the most famous of Istanbul’s many mosques.  Sadly, some Islamists are pushing Erodgan and the government to ‘reassign’ the status of Hagia to be a mosque.  I say […]