Better Late Than Never!

July 1, 2014 at 5:37 pm Categories: Peru, Short Term Missions

Our daily reports were disrupted by illness that went through the team during the later part of our trip – our guys were especially hard hit by whatever was going around.  In spite of having members of the team spend the day in bed, we continued to have great experiences.

On Saturday, we had two highlights – a visit to Elim, the ministry located just outside the garbage dumps, and Ellie Cardona’s birthday!  The Elim ministry has grown rapidly over the years, from a one room grass shack where kids had Saturday VBS in 2011 to a wooden structure with 5 classrooms for Bible study with children, teens, and women in the community outside the garbage dump.  We were able to sing, assist with crafts, and play soccer and volleyball with the kids.  As always, the time with the beautiful children and women in Trujillo was delightful.  Even in the absence of speaking the same language we were able to communicate love and appreciation for each other and the Lord.  It was a joy to see the kids learn about God’s love, express creativity in their crafts, and practice prayer.  Inca Link (Stephanie and Brent) have an amazing ministry.

We celebrated Ellie’s 15th birthday with a surprise party with a birthday card signed by the team and Inca Link friends, gifts, and surprise Peruvian birthday cakes!

Sunday’s highlights included worship at the Laredo Alliance Church, an afternoon at the beach at Huanchaco, and dinner at a local restaurant.  This was a true Sabbath from our construction days.  At church we learned about an evangelism ministry that Ignatio, our Inca Link host at the children’s home, has at his Peru church.   The pastor’s message was from Acts.  He reminded us that our work for the Lord needs to be marked by unity, love, teamwork and testimony.  I am pleased to say that I saw each of those hallmarks in our team in Peru!  Be sure to ask for team member stories when you run into us in Lexington.

Going to the beach was a real treat!  The weather was warm and not too hot, but the water was cold and the waves were strong.  Some of us got wetter than we expected when we walked along the shore.  We were able to shop for souvenirs and even had a little time to connect back home with WiFi at the “House of Chocolate.”   After a few hours at the beach we headed back into town and had dinner, family-style at Norky’s chicken restaurant.   Our family included over 30 people – our team, the Inca Link interns and staff, and our cooks from the children’s home.  It was quite a feast and great way to wrap up our Sabbath. Watch for more to come!