Another day, another mosque :-)

July 15, 2013 at 5:59 pm Categories: Asia Minor 2013

Yesterday, the Turkey tour group visited Hagia Sophia, a large and very famous Christian (RC) church in Istanbul, just across a park area from The Blue Mosque, the most famous of Istanbul’s many mosques.  Sadly, some Islamists are pushing Erodgan and the government to ‘reassign’ the status of Hagia to be a mosque.  I say “sadly” because this will deprive Istanbul of a major source of income as tourists will probably not pay to see another mosque, and it will remove a part of Istanbul’s heritage as a place of religious tolerance.

Today, we met with international workers who shared some exciting things they are doing throughout Turkey to help teh Turkish people and improve their lives.  People like these we have met love the country and need our prayers that the Father will continue to grant them grace and wisdom with how best to aid Turkey.

more later, LOADS of pics from everyone in the group when we return. some may be able to share some photos before then.


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