Our Signature Statement

“Working together to seek, reach, and then build fully devoted followers of Jesus”

The fulfillment of this is expressed in the following priorities:


We are determined to reach out to people who yet remain outside of God’s saving love in Christ Jesus. (Romans 10:14)


We will build fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, cultivating the Christian life skill sets that will produce true, Christian spirituality in the lives of our people. (I Cor. 2:9-16)


We will nurture a church that serves and cares for the people within the sphere of our influence. (Galations 6:2)


We will produce faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who understand and take responsibility for the world wide scope of evangelism and discipleship that is express in the Great Commission. (Matt. 24:14)


We will commit ourselves to build a community of faith that enters whole heartedly into the worship of God. (John 4:24)