A Day in Trujillo

June 11, 2011 at 4:38 am Categories: Peru, Short Term Missions

Today, we woke up and had breakfast at the ripe time of 7:30 am! Afterwards we had devotions, which our IncaLink interns led. Then we went to the work site and dug trenches for the entire morning! This may seem like something no one would enjoy doing, but I cannot describe the sense of accomplishment that comes along with digging 30 yards worth of three-feet-deep trenches in the sand. When we arrived this morning, the ground looked like any other area on the property, with the exception of white chalky lines marking where the trenches would soon be. Then we “dug” in :). All of us worked extremely hard and got the trenches dug in less than 3 and half hours! Keep in mind that this was sand, as well. So on top of “simply” digging, we also had to deal with the problems of walls caving in, hard rock beds we had to pick ax through, and trying to maneuver through the trenches themselves. I was thoroughly impressed with EVERY single member of our group! Every single one of us was giving 110% and being a real team player! Some were also moving bricks, and worked hard with that as well! Around 12:30, we went to lunch at la iglesia Por Venir (the Por Venir church). We had lomo saltado, which is a classic Peruvian dish. On that note, everyone on the team is doing awesome with eating what is set before them and really being grateful for what they’ve been given! After lunch, we had an awesome opportunity to go the day care center, which houses sponsored kids with IncaLink, and put on a VBS! We performed the story of Noah in puppet theater form! I wrote a simplified version of the story in Spanish, and the other team members acted the story out. After our puppet show, we sang songs in Spanish! Soon, we divided the kids at the day care up into age groups, and led them through different stations. One, was the famous payaso (clown): Brian! He was a huge hit with the kids of all ages and was a real trooper! Sarah O. made a countless number of balloon animals, but had to hold them high above her head while she made them to make sure the kids didn’t get a hold of them before she was ready for them. She was AWESOME! Anna painted the faces of the kids, which they loved! Drew and Sarah D. sat with kids and helped them color sheets that Sarah O. drew which illustrated our story! All in all, our time at the daycare was touching and great. Everyone engaged and had a fun time. I had the really cool opportunity to talk to a mother of a child who had graduated from the daycare. We talked for about 30 minutes, and she poured out her heart to me and shared her faith with me. To go on a missions trip and have a “least of these” share THEIR faith with you is one of the most humbling and God-filled experiences I’ve ever had. It just shows how extensive the Body of Christ is, and how many miracles he provides on a day to day basis. God is SO good! After the daycare, we went to dinner at la iglesia America Sur (The South American Church) and had a birthday party for the son of a missionary family. It was great fun! We then came back to the house and had debrief with our interns, which went well. Then we played for the rest of the night; singing, eating junk food, laughing and just enjoying each other’s company. I could not have asked for a better team to be a part of. 🙂

Now some final words for the night:

Cuando no podemos, Dios puede. Y porque Dios puede, todo es posible. 🙂

Dios te bendiga, Paco