A bittersweet night of goodbyes……

June 15, 2011 at 4:06 am Categories: Peru, Short Term Missions

Today we got up, had a great breakfast, piled on a bus and headed to the Children’s Home work site for our last day of construction. The time has come where we’re all feeling a little tired and sore, but the work today was great! The cement mixer broke a couple days ago, so….we’ve been doing it all by hand! I can honestly say that I had no previous knowledge of how to do it, but if someone asked me to shovel some sand, gravel, and cement powder…..cut in and flip it (to mix it) and then make some lakes for water….I could do it! We also got to dig some trenches today, level some ground, and fill in some trenches that we dug previously in the week. We took some time after work, and before lunch, to walk out to the water well that was put in last year to pray for the kids, the missionaries, the property, and the nationals that would be impacted by the ministry of the Children’s Home. It was a special time for reflection, but also a time for anticipation for what God is going to continue to do here in Peru! We went to Por Venir for lunch, then loaded back on the bus to come home (to Helping Hands) to get cleaned up and had a nice afternoon getting to do some shopping and site seeing. We had dinner at America Sur, walked home, had a great time debriefing our week and discussing some things to expect when we get back to the United States.

All in all it’s been a great time connecting (and reconnecting for some of us) with the people here, learning that the only difference between the people here and us is that we were born in the USA and not in Peru, working hard and following directions even when we aren’t sure why we’re being asked to do what we’re doing, getting to know one another better (there has been a lot of laughter this whole time), spending time with the people in the garbage dump, not just passing out fruit, but talking and listening to them, playing with some amazing kids, playing soccer, eating delicious meals….the list goes on and on…. We were able to accomplish a lot of work and we have all been forever changed. We had this experience together, but all of us have been impacted in different ways and I’m really excited to see what God’s going to continue to do in and through us 🙂

Individual updates…. Deb – twisted an ankle the other day playing soccer, but has bounced back and has finished strong, she is an amazing woman and a great example to us all! Kerry – has been leading us in some worship and has worked hard, mixing concrete, digging, carrying wheelbarrows, buckets, and anything else that has been thrown at him Jacob – continues to amaze us with his Spanish skills, works hard setting a good pace for others to follow and is always willing to help others Anna – has been fighting a throat cold (which may have more to do with sand than anything else), but she’s getting better. She’s a hard worker, incredibly creative and has kept us all laughing and on our toes Sarah O – has a very tender heart and a willingness to serve others, it has been a blessing getting to know her and to see her relate to everyone inside and outside our group Sarah D – has really come out of her shell, has had everyone laughing, also has a tender heart and a willingness to serve, and has worked incredibly hard Drewby – always has a smile on his face, is a great sport, a hard worker, and has a great heart. It’s been awesome seeing him interact with the nationals and to see his willingness to serve others. Brian – is a beast when it comes to work, anything you throw at him he takes it on and gives his all. He’s very thoughtful and has added a ton to the team! Stephanie – added a ton to the group, she fit in, kept up with the guys (in regard to work), always was willing talk to and relate to everyone on the team and added a lot of fun to the experience!

We’re all packing now – we have to be backed and on the bus for Lima tomorrow at 7:30 (we take a bus to the real bus station and leave for Lima at 9am) – we’ll get to Lima around 7pm, get some dinner, and our plane takes off at 11:45pm – we land in Atlanta, have a 5 (ish) hour layover, then fly to NY for another 5 (ish) hour layover, then we’ll get to KY around 11:45pm. Please be praying for us, it’s a long time to be in transit we’re all tried, sore, and while we aren’t necessarily ready to leave, if we have to, we just want to get home!

Can’t wait to see and talk to you all! ~Mandie