With God and a shovel, and a wheelbarrow, I can move a mountain!

June 9, 2011 at 3:27 am Categories: News

Today we did construction work all day at the site of the children’s home. Actually, to call it construction may be stretching it. We actually moved a lot of dirt from one place to another. Some of it was dirt that the team moved last year! Our digging task (we always seem to have a digging task) was to level off the area around the soccer court (the playing area is a concrete surface!) so that we can dig a ditch for pipes to be buried. Brian was a *machine* with the shovel and the wheelbarrow; cheerful Drew even smiles when he is shoveling sand for hours; Sarah Dorrell looked like an acrobat as she pushed the wheelbarrow along an inclined ramp, often stopping to adjust her path; Jacob had Deb laughing so hard she spewed water (quite a sight); Mandie picked up where she left off last year, pushing herself and the wheelbarrows around all day. Sarah O and Anna spent the morning sorting and cleaning corn along with many of the interns. They made quite a favorable impression on the interns!

The corn project was new. We walked into one of the buildings and found the floors of three rooms covered with corn, several inches deep! The interns had harvested and shucked the ears earlier this week. Our task was to sort and clean it so that the church could sell it in the market. The corn is grown right outside the children’s home. It was challenging work, since we were never sure what the standard of acceptance was for determining a good ear from a bad ear. The really good and the really bad were easy to sort but everything in the middle – most of it – were harder to discern. Pastor Adrian, of the Porvenir church, served as the final judge. This was a new task for us, so at first it was kind of interesting. The real interesting part was the chatter between the workers. The interns loved getting to know our kids! Kerry was a trooper, working when he wasn’t feeling his best.

For those of us who had been here before, the progress in the children’s home was amazing and inspiring. The wall now goes completely around the compound, two building are inhabited by interns and the host family (no kids YET), the soccer field/pad is complete, the cafeteria has walls but no roof, and the well – thanks to Water From Wine – is fully functioning. This site has the cleanest drinking water in Trujillo. It’s even safe for us to drink! Every group who comes here to work gets us closer to the dream of providing hope and love for some incredibly needy kids.

Our youth are so amazing! They are being so faithful in answering the challenges placed before them without grumbling and with enthusiasm and fun.

Tomorrow is a big day. We do construction work (AKA dig ditches – or whatever is needed) in the morning and then go to the garbage dump in the afternoon. Pray for us all as we experience life here and process our thoughts. Help us to hear and see all that God’s tells and shows us.

Grace &Peace,