The Young Africans Choir

October 8, 2013 at 9:30 am Categories: Global Impact, News


Global Impact:Africa is coming up and we are so exited to host a performance from the Young Africans as our Grand Finale!

Sunday Evening, October 20, 6:00 pm

The Young Africans are a talented group of young men and women who grew up as a part of the world-renowned African Children’s Choir. They are now soon to enter university and have amazing stories to share of how God used the ministry of the African Children’s Choir to change their lives. Because of the influence of the choir they are now in a position to make a positive difference in their communities. Check out some of the stories on their website – like Vera who joined the choir as an orphan, and is now ready to begin training as a Medical Officer; or Timothy who remembers his mother having struggling to provide for him and his brother, and is now ready to pursue a degree in Land Economics.

As described on their website: “Throughout the performance the Young Africans share various cultural elements from their countries of Kenya and Uganda with a Stomp inspired dance as well as highlighting unique African instruments. Audiences will be inspired and moved as the transformation of once vulnerable children to mature and educated adults unfolds.”


All ages are welcome to attend the performance. It will be followed by a reception of international desserts.