Taking the Plunge: Lindsay Sherburn

August 12, 2016 at 3:27 pm Categories: Member Spotlight

When I first began attending First Alliance in September (2015) I had only been living in Lexington for about 6 weeks and was in serious need of community. I loved coming to Sunday lindsaymorning services, but I knew it would be hard for me to meet people on a deeper level. I’ve been a part of small groups before so I jumped on the chance to join a life group.

I’ve been part of the young adult life group for the past year and it’s been a blessing to have community with other people in a similar stage of life. We met twice a month and shared a meal together each time. Instead of going through a particular study, we decided to take turns leading the discussion and sharing what God was doing in our lives. Being able to be open and vulnerable has helped our community grow deeper together and learn from one another. Though we’re all roughly the same age, we all come from different backgrounds and have each experienced God in different ways. Our life group discussions have showed me how faithful our God is as we seek to glorify Him.

Life group has provided me with the much-needed community I was seeking. We’ve developed friendships that extend beyond our biweekly meetings to movie nights and bonfires. We serve together. We pray together and for one another. I love how our small community fits within the larger Body as we all join the congregation in worship. Now there are familiar faces saving me a seat on Sunday mornings!