Surgery, Deliverance & the Bible Story in Our Time

March 9, 2011 at 10:29 pm Categories: Guinea - Hope Clinic

The bleeding was brisk and there was no blood for transfusion … you probably think this is a story of operating theatre heroics, and it is, but before clamps and ligatures, the surgeons prayed, and with a Holy Spirit assist Dr. Mike Kirk and the team pulled a hot grounder out of the dirt and turned two. He even made dinner on time. Kerry played the role of seasoned missionary, wiring circuits and phones, in addition to praying with a young girl (who had bitten a nurse minutes before) and her mother. Ask him about the event when you see him in Lexington – spiritual warfare can be unexpected and interesting.

We finished the day with a true Guinean dinner while hearing about the birth and growth of the church in the Mano tribe (current population estimate 70,000-100,000). Moise (Moses in French) began following Jesus in Liberia in the early 1980s and afterward received God’s call back to his home in Guinea, at which time there was perhaps 3-4 christians in the entire tribal group. Words are inadequate to describe the priviledge of hearing this story firsthand – we do have raw video for those interested.

The photos reveal some of our work and the people we are trying to help, but in reality we have already received so much ourselves.

Thanks for the prayers, Scott, for the team