Sermon: (August 2, 2015) “The Price of Advice”

August 6, 2015 at 2:59 pm Categories: News, Sermons

Date:  August 2, 2015

Speaker: Steve Elliott

Text:  2 Samuel 16 & 17



This text is really about godly ambition versus selfish-ambition.

“I will make your name great, like the names of the greatest men on earth… Your house and your kingdom will endure forever before me; your throne will be established forever.’”

Nathan the prophet, II Samuel 7

He is surrendered not to Absalom but to God. He puts himself in hands that are the safest and they are not his own, they are God’s hands.

Just as answered prayer keeps encouraging us to keep praying those prayers that are yet unanswered, a word from God fulfilled in our life, keeps us trusting Him for His word to us yet to be fulfilled in our life.

His first piece of advice is meant to create a breach between David and Absalom that is so great it can never be healed.

Ahithophel found out first-hand the price of his own advice: the self-destructed life. He did it literally, in one ultimate moment. People in our world do it every day … one inch at a time.

Good advice, is only good if it is acted upon.

Teach-ability … a willingness to be counseled and advised, at every stage of life is invaluable. When we turn our back on the wisdom of years we turn our back on ourselves, really, … our chance at our best future.

“A man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions.”MediationsMarcus Aurelius (121-180 AD)

Our starting point for a life of meaning and purpose is godly ambition … working in agreement with His word and with what we understand God to be doing in this world.