Pray through Ramadan

June 20, 2013 at 2:18 pm Categories: News

In the last 20 years, several million believers in the Messiah, Jesus, have prayed for Muslims during the month of Ramadan

Join the 30-day Muslim prayer focus during Ramadan, July 9 – August 7.

God has been visibly active in the Islamic world during the last 20-30 years. Efforts to take the Good News to Muslims have multiplied and people from the same background are increasingly taking the lead in these efforts. We invite you to join us again in this worldwide 30-Day prayer movement to see the Kingdom of God come in the Muslim world. Nothing is too hard for God. Let us exercise our faith in Him!

When Is It?

The dates coincide with Ramadan: July 9 – August 7 2013. Ramadan is a great way to “pin” a prayer movement on something Christians can understand and relate to, literally the Islamic calendar month called Ramadan. During Ramadan Muslims are fasting and often much more open to spiritual realities. We receive many testimonies of Muslims turning to Christ during Ramadan.

Practical and Spiritual

With helpful articles such as, “Helping Muslims discover the living Messiah,” Christians not only have the spiritual tools to pray for Muslims but practical tools to reach Muslims too. Discover the world of Islam, Sharia and Globalization. Most Muslims have internalized the ideals of human rights and democracy, however, they have also become more religious and conservative at the same time.

How To Order

Your local Christian bookstore or church should have copies. Otherwise, please check on the International website for your national office. The booklet is available in many languages from 30+ national or regional offices. []

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