October 2, 2016- Sermon: “How Do You Spell You-nity?”

October 2, 2016 at 4:19 pm Categories: News, Sermons

Digging deeper:

1. What was a new thought or an old thought that was expressed in a fresh way that struck you as you listened to the sermon?

2. Where does character figure in the equation as you prepare to go to the polls in November?

3. Share a story about a church experience where unity was front and center.

4. Who is a person in your life who exemplifies humility? Why would you choose them?

5. From your perspective, what makes it hard to love people … why is loving people in Jesus’ name such hard work?

Reaching out:

1. What is one small change in behavior or choices you could make that would affect your relationship with someone who is currently behind a barrier or wall in your life?

2. As you heard, the Jewish/Gentile issue then was like our race issue today, only on steroids. Where do you think the wider church has gotten the race issue right and where has it missed the mark?

3. If you were the pastor of our church, what do you think you would want to say about the race issue in our day?

4. What would peace making look like in your everyday world with the lives you touch and the people you see every day?

5. After hearing the sermon, whose feet do you think you need to wash?