October 16, 2016- Sermon: “Got Any Questions” (Steve Elliott)

October 16, 2016 at 1:48 pm Categories: News, Sermons

1. Who can you have an open conversation with about the upcoming election without everyone ‘defaulting’ to their usual, default positions?

2. WWJD … do you think Jesus would vote in this year’s election?

3. What surprised you or caught you off guard in today’s sermon?

4. In very practical terms, what or who do you think you are counting on to provide the best possible future for you?

5. Do you think God has the USA in a special status category when it comes to how our future and His will plays out?

6. How does your faith inform you choice as you consider how you will vote?

7. In your personal world, what might loving you neighbor look like that would be different from how you live now with respect to your neighbors?

8. The biggest roadblock to loving my neighbor is … ?

9. Do you think that what Jesus said 2,000 years ago really applies or matters in the complex world we live in?

10. Do you think Jeremy Spainhour is a good enough fisherman to live in Washington State?