November 20, 2016- Sermon: “The Church’s Character and Calling” (Maurice Irvin)

November 20, 2016 at 4:39 pm Categories: News, Sermons

1. Share with your group an anniversary (other than a wedding anniversary!) that has significance for you. A graduation? A great success? A great loss? A big decision?

2. For Dr. Irvin, G. Campbell Morgan was an important writer for him. What writer has been a big influence on your spiritual journey and why them?

3. The four phrases of v. 9 are “a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation and God’s special people (person).” Which of these four phrases resonates clearest with you and why?

4. When in your life have you had the sense you were God’s special treasure? What do you think keeps some people from entering into the gladness of that understanding.

5. How might we re-enforce each of these phrases in each other?

6. What aspect of God’s character do you see reflected in one of the others in your group and how did you come to  notice it?

7. How have you seen God use people you know or know about as a source of His ‘lifting power’ in the lives of others?

8. The big take-away from this sermon for me was __________________________________?