Newsletter: October 19, 2018

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October 19, 2018

The Message is Hope

First Alliance Church


Have you ever had something difficult that you knew you had to say, but were apprehensive about saying it? I’m feeling that way about this week’s newsletter. I have a hard time writing this in a peaceful mindset. Honestly, I should probably wait a day or two before writing, but my heart won’t let me delay it.

This past Sunday I received a phone call during the 10:45 service from a number in Louisiana that I did not recognize. I get these calls all the time and I ignored it. They called back. Thankfully I was not teaching and was able to step outside the class to answer it. It was the delivery woman for our leader lunch, and she had arrived extremely early. I met her at the door and helped her carry in all the food.  

She is from New Orleans and recently moved here with her 4 year old daughter to start a better life. Her reason for leaving was to escape the filth and widespread crime in New Orleans to which she was amazed by our clean streets and friendly city. I asked her if she had any family affected by the recent Florida hurricane and she said no, but it brings back all the memories of losing everything during hurricane Katrina. She continued on to tell me about her family back in New Orleans who were involved in a shooting—her relative was the shooter.

I ignored the first call. I could have been angry that it didn’t fit my timing. I could have remained silent. But God would not have been glorified. Instead, it ended up that I was able to pray with her and be a comfort to her.

Tonight marks the start of something new for 105 Middle School students attending the FAC Middle School Ministry Fall Retreat: B.I.G.Y.A. This is not summer camp. This is not a weekend with a junior version of the Holy Spirit. This is a life-changing event designed to lead students to Christ and to glorify God.

If you remember on Sunday, we had prayer cards available regarding this retreat. Surprisingly, 1,000 cards were distributed and almost 1,000 cards were collected after the services. I can’t help but wonder if, in being called upon to pray for our students and this significant weekend in their lives, we missed the 1st call. You can still join us in prayer for this weekend’s Middle School Retreat. Click this link to download a prayer guide. We missed the 1st call.

Tanner Fouts

Pastor of Middle School Ministries

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