Newsletter: November 2, 2018

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November 2, 2018

The Message is Hope

First Alliance Church


November 18th Baptisms and Here, There and Everywhere = Perfect Together!

Some things just go perfect together. Chocolate and peanut butter, jam and

toast, Kentucky and basketball…some things go better together.

On November 18th at F.A.C two significant things are happening: Baptisms and our Here, There and Everywhere offering! Two great things coming together on the same day…It is perfect, they go perfect together! Why? Because we do one (offering), so the other can happen (baptisms).

The Here, There and Everywhere offering in the life of our church is a great tradition in the life of church. In fact, we did the very same thing for the past six years in the Alliance church I came from in Idaho.

This offering has a threefold focus:

HERE: a significant portion of this offering will go to pay off our building

debt. I would love to pay this off as fast as possible. Doing so would allow us to do more and greater ministry in the life of city and world.

THERE: we have multiple church plants that have started out of F.A.C. that benefit greatly from this offering each year. A section of this offering will go to help them as they expand the kingdom in a unique way.

EVERYWHERE: we are part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance,

Missions is our middle name. A section will go toward the Great

Commission Fund that supports our international workers around the

world…This offering is Mission CRITICAL!

But why do we ask you to support this offering in a special way when there are probably 50 very good things you can give God’s resources to? Why?

BAPTISMS! they represent changed lives by the gospel of Jesus Christ!

As of now we have a number of people who have said, yes, to following the Lord in Baptism on November 18th and I truly believe the number will grow in the weeks and years to come. The Gospel changes lives, this is what F.A.C. is about, that is why we ask that you seek the Lord on what he might have you give on Nov. 18th.

I want you to know from the start, each person seeking the Lord, hearing how he is asking you to obey and trust him with regard to giving is all that I will ever ask. I know he knows the need better than I and he always accomplishes more than I or we could ever imagine.

I love being your pastor. We look forward to many great things in years to come.

Paul Smith

Lead Pastor

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