Newsletter: June 22, 2018

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June 22, 2018

The Message is Hope

First Alliance Church


I’ve recently returned from a whirlwind trip visiting three of our international worker families in the places where they are serving. First, I spent a wonderful week with the Waggoners. They are serving in Albania – until recently considered the most athiestic state in the world! They are living the village life there, building teams that are reaching people for Christ with a special focus on children. The Lord is giving them fruit for their labors in a difficult field. I was inspired by how they function as a family serving their community.

My second stop was to Tanzania, where the Walkers are serving on a Bible translation team. I had the opportunity to see up close the translation process and all that is involved. Wow! These are incredibly gifted people who are joyfully giving their best gifts that people can have the word of God. This is a precious family with three beautiful young girls! Johnny and I traveled to meet with a potential partner who is a humble Tanzanian pastor with a vision for planting churches in unreached villages. He’s already planted four churches and is raising up young leaders to serve them. He continues to reach out beyond, and is asking us to bring a team to help carry the Jesus film into several unreached places (please talk to me if you’re interested). Mosques are beginning to show up in these very remote places, and Pastor Marco wants the gospel to get there first. If you want to hear a good story, ask me about nearly getting arrested…

From there, after generous amounts of time waiting at the Addis Ababa airport in Ethiopia, I took a week’s vacation visiting my friends in N. Africa (since I was in the neighborhood). Stevie and Jenny are doing a great work. I had the opportunity to go along with Stevie as he followed up on contacts he’d been assigned of seekers who wanted to ask questions about the faith or wanted a Bible, some of whom had become new disciples. They are seeing an unprecedented move of God, accelerated by the internet and social media. It’s truly like the printing press was to the Reformation!

The Lord spoke to me deeply – in all three places, people are being reached who have never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel. At times, I really felt like I was in the book of Acts – new believers being baptized, discipled and in turn reaching others!

I have a real yearning in my heart to also be sharing the Gospel with those who have not responded and discipling new believers. I’m asking God to do this in my own life and also in the life of our church!

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Kerry Dorrell

Pastor of Missions and Worship

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