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June 13, 2018

The Message is Hope

First Alliance Church


They said his name was Jonah.  And his name may have been Jonah, but I knew him as the man that sat behind us in church on Sundays and his clapping sounded like bricks being slapped together.  This “Jonah” gave up his Tuesday morning to sit in his bathrobe, in 90-degree heat, in a “fish” that actually smelled like fish. I never understood why that man did that, but I remember it.  Some of my first memories of the church were from VBS and I am able to sing Father Abraham with the best of them.  In fact, my first time serving the church was with VBS. 

Each year our Middle School students spend the summer planning a week of VBS for preschoolers.  They dream up and pick everything!  From the crafts to the music, they run the show and serve as a big buddy to a preschooler.  Sometimes we see great success and sometimes our ideas do not go as planned.  We use this week to give students the opportunity to practice telling others about Jesus in a safe environment. 

This year our Middle School students selected Abraham as the theme for their Preschool VBS.  After choosing him, they realized his life was not the most VBS friendly. However, we managed to find simple truths throughout his life that we are able to teach our preschool buddies.  Abraham lived in a time of chaos and confusion at home and in the world.  Sound familiar? Together we found 4 things that we will teach this upcoming week at VBS: Trust, Goodness, Sharing, and Believing.

I invite you to join us as we pray for all 99 students and preschoolers involved in VBS next week.

Tanner Fouts

Pastor of Middle School Ministries

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