Newsletter: February 9, 2018

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February 9, 2018

The Message is Hope

First Alliance Church


I was in college the first time I heard of the season of Lent. One day I saw all these people running around with black marks on their forehead and I thought, “wow, why have so many people been out playing in dirt today? And why do they have it in the same place on their foreheads?” Then I was told that it’s ash and that it is for Ash Wednesday which marks the beginning of the season of Lent.

And all I was told about Lent initially was that it’s the 40 days before Easter where you are supposed to fast from all the good food, and generally be sad until Easter where it was okay to be happy again.

Suffice it to say, the Season of Lent was not explained to me very well at the outset.

What I came to understand was that the Season of Lent was not simply about being sad for 40 days and depriving yourself of cake and Facebook. Rather, it is a wonderful time to find a way to be a bit more intentional about reflecting on who Jesus is in our lives and taking extra time to concentrate on how great was Jesus’ sacrifice and how sweeping His love.

Lent looks different for different folks, and that is okay. Some people really concentrate on fasting; food or something else in order to focus on God. Some focus on taking more time to pray and do devotions. Some are intentional about serving others more, or praying as a family together more, or speaking truth more. There are lots of ways to practice intentionality in Lent– if you haven’t yet, pray about what your way will be.

What I have found is that when we are intentional about creating space for a little bit of extra focus on Jesus, his sacrifice for us, and his love for us it opens up opportunities for Him to show us a more of himself and can speak to us in new and fresh ways.

I simply suggest that you find some way to use this season in the church calendar to be just a bit more intentional about deepening your relationship with Jesus who was crucified for us and on the third day rose again.

Here is what we have coming up for the Lenten Season:

  1. The annual Lent Devotion guide – written by members of First Alliance! This year it’s called 40 Daily Words – and it’s full of really great, short devotionals. Pick up a booklet this Sunday or go to this link for an online version that’s updated daily.
  2. Ash Wednesday Service – Feb. 14th – 7pm. It will be a sweet time of worship and space to prepare our hearts for Lent. Ashing stations will be available for those who would like to receive it.
  3. Palm Sunday – Sunday, March 25, 9:00 and 10:45 am where Rev Dave Thomas will be preaching.
  4. Maundy Thursday Service – Thursday, March 29, 8:00-8:45 pm – this will be a service of worship and testimony to the greatness of the grace of God.
  5. Easter Sunday – where we celebrate Jesus and his resurrection! Our new pastor, Paul Smith will be here with us preaching in what is sure to be a very beautiful, joyful Sunday.

However you choose to practice Lent this year, may it be richly blessed by our Father in heaven and may you grow ever closer and more in love with Jesus who longs to draw you ever closer to Himself.

Gabe Lawson

Pastor of Discipleship and Care

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