Newsletter: August 4, 2017

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August 4, 2017

Have you ever watched an artist at work? We were privileged this week to watch a painter on the pier bring a picture in her mind to life. She started with a blank canvas, and not more than 30 minutes later, a beautiful sunset beach scene filled every space.
Watching this process made me think about kids and God’s Kingdom. God has a beautiful picture in mind as children grow, learn, and are shaped into His image. God uses people and circumstances in the life of a child. As the brush strokes and colors come together, we get the privilege of seeing glimpses of beauty.
As we watched the artist work, at times she would wipe her finger across strokes and color to get them to look like the picture in her mind. Sometimes God prunes and molds our kids as they grow and yield to his work in their lives.
In the end, we were amazed to see the finished product – so amazed that we bought it! We might not always get to see the “finished product” at FAC Kids, but we are always amazed as we get to see kids grow in their faith, understanding, and love for God – because of the commitment, energy, and sacrifice of God’s people.
I’m hoping you’ll “buy in” with us to be part of God’s color and brush strokes in the lives of the children He’s shaping at FAC each week. We all have a part in the painting – whether we are loving kids or encouraging their parents or grandparents. 
As fall programming and the school year approach quickly, I’m praying for a few crucial ministry opportunities that we still have available – a 2’s teacher, elementary project team members (are you creative and crafty? help our kids connect to a Bible story or character through easy hands-on projects), and two boys elementary small group leaders. Contact us to find out more!

Tim Davis

Pastor to Children & Families

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