Newsletter: August 24, 2018

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August 24, 2018

The Message is Hope

First Alliance Church


Ever have those moments that you believe you will NEVER forget? One of those for me was on July 17, 2016, my first Sunday at FAC after moving here just that month from Indiana. On that specific day, Jenny Brown had a special Sunday School hour of sharing about their work. When the announcement was made during the service about this opportunity, I leaned over to Brian, my husband, and told him that I was supposed

to go to that Sunday School class. I just knew it for some reason. So – I went.

Walking into Lower Auditorium Room 12 was intimidating. I was all alone. Quietly I sat down in one of the chairs on the left side, smiled at a few ladies, and opened up my Bible to some passage so that I had something to do since I knew NO ONE. Part of me was screaming, “Why are you doing this? You don’t know Jenny. You don’t know any of these ladies.” Another quieter part was saying, “Just stay here. I’ve got something for you.”

A smiling face came up to me, welcomed me, and offered me bagels and cream cheese. Kathy Long.

Another woman turned around in her chair and engaged me in conversation. Jan Biddulph.

Another woman invited me to come sit by her. She proceeded to ask me questions about myself, and we discovered we had both a Taylor University and a WJHS connection. Lena Kulaga.

Then, Jenny started sharing. My heart grew tender for her family and their story. It also helped that in her power point presentation she showed pictures of some of our first friends we had in Fort Wayne, Indiana, who also were a part of their work. What a treat!

“God, what are You doing here?” I wondered. “Why here? Why now?”

I left that class with a post-it filled with information from Lena, a heart full of excitement and love for the Brown family, and a friend. Who would have ever thought?

Only God. He knows what He is doing, and I am thankful. He knew my need to be connected and take that next step.

What about you? Are you wanting to see what God has for you next?

If you missed the Ministry Fair last week, please join us this Sunday to see how

God is calling you to take that next step. He is faithful!

Even though it was new, intimidating, and uncomfortable, He worked and showed me His love and care for me. Just because I was willing.

We encourage you to be bold and courageous! Join in and find out what God is

doing and will do in your life. You won’t regret it.

Full of thanks,

Susan Scott

Director of Women’s Ministries

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