Newsletter: April 6, 2018

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April 6, 2018

The Message is Hope

First Alliance Church


I Am Who I Am By the Grace of God

My first ministry mentor and friend, Don Bubna, once told me, “Paul, churches have three questions of their new Sr. Pastor: who are you, do you love us, and what are you going to do with us?” I have never forgotten Don’s words of wisdom and the basic questions individuals have when they receive a new pastor to their church. So, let me answer Don’s questions that you might be asking.

Who am I? The relationships and roles are that of husband, father, brother and pastor, just to name a few. But my core identity is that of a child of God brought about by the grace of God expressed in Jesus. “I am who I am by the grace of God,” Paul wrote the church at Corinth. This truth of being a Child of God by the grace of God frees us up to be ourselves, knowing it is all by grace. What JOY!

Do you love us? I know that our time with the FAC family has just started. However, what I have experienced thus far has been so wonderful and life-giving. Your kindness to me and my family has dug a deep well of thankfulness in our hearts. As you can tell, Heather and I very much enjoy meeting as many of you as possible in the lobby on Sunday mornings. Although, our introductions are often quick, they sure do help me put together names with faces and get just a little glimpse into the work God is doing in our FAC family. My prayer has been in this early stage, “Father, help us to love you, love each other and serve the world.” My short time in ministry has lead me to see that if love for Him and others as well as an attitude of service aren’t in place not much can happen.

What are you going to do? My posture will be to listen, listen and then listen some more. Listening is the best way to learn our FAC history, values, needs, strengths for the sake of understanding what God is already doing in our FAC family. I have discovered that the best leaders are attentive listeners and so in these early stages I would love to hear your story and burden that God has placed on your hearts as a people.

I am so honored to be your pastor.

Grace and Peace,

Paul Smith

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