Newsletter: April 20, 2018

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April 20, 2018

The Message is Hope

First Alliance Church


When you travel around the country hosting Christian camps at different churches, you meet a lot of people. For example, Vincent loved to serve. In fact, he even served in Vietnam towards the end. Why he chose to serve with kids is still a mystery. Why he showed up two hours early is a mystery, as well. During the morning set up time, he would share stories about his life. Some were about the love of his life that left too soon. Some were about yesterday and some were about the days in Vietnam. No one could question that Vincent had lived a full life, but he had never worked with kids before. His wife died very young, and he never remarried. 

Jalen was a rambunctious second grader. No one seemed to have taught him the meaning of “settle down”. During the games, Jalen would be a little too competitive. The activities he was signed up for only bored him and there was no chance he would listen to a Bible lesson. 

When taking prayer requests, Jalen shared about twenty of them. Most of them would have served better on a Christmas list. But this is when the tough egg started to crack. Throughout the week, prayer requests got bigger and deeper. Jalen finally admitted and shared that he was scared for his father who had been shot months earlier. 

Vincent, who was assigned to Jalen’s group, rolled up his sleeve and asked, “Does he have a scar like this?” Revealing a bullet wound on his arm, Jalen replied, “Yes”. For the first time all day, Jalen settled down. On top of that, a man who had never served with kids before connected with one on a deep level. 

Upon revisiting the church years later, Jalen is in 8th grade and every once in a while, Vincent has lunch with him at school. 

This Sunday, we are hosting a Student Ministry Fair. This is a chance to learn about our student ministries and how you can get involved. You might be surprised how simple it is—like rolling up your sleeve and telling a story. The impact of simply saying “yes” can change more than just a child’s life forever. 

Tanner Fouts

Pastor of Middle School Ministries

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