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Jesus commissioned His followers to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19) Our driving passion—why we exist—is to know Christ and complete His great commission. This compels us to reach our own communities with the good news of Jesus.

For The Alliance, it doesn’t stop in our own cities. With ministries in seventy-five countries, reaching the lost is a cause for which we are willing to go (quite literally) to the ends of the earth.


Supporting World Wide Missions

The Great Commission Fund:

  • Provides health care in places like Gabon where the Bongolo Evangelical Hospital treats more than 30,000 patients annually, and where hundreds receive Christ as their Savior.
  • Partners in reaching Muslims, Buddhists, animists, and Hindus for Christ.
  • Trains future church leaders worldwide.
  • Gives food, provisions, and hope to victims of war, famine, and natural disasters.
  • Supplies grants for new churches being launched within the United States.
  • Brings the message of Jesus to unreached people groups.

Alliance Missionaries are not required to raise their own support. Gifts given to the Great Commission Fund allow them put their focus on ministry and not on fundraising.

Learn more about funding through the Great Commission Fund »

CAMA Services (Compassion And Mercy Associates)

CAMA Services began as an outreach to refugees fleeing the horrors of the Indochina conflict in 1972. Through camps in Thailand serving Vietnamese, Laotian, and Cambodian refugees, CAMA staff provided food, clothing, medical care, job training, and a verbal witness to the truth that God’s Son died and rose again.

The lessons learned in Indochina were soon applied among refugees in Hong Kong, Lebanon, Jordan, and Guinea and famine victims in Burkina Faso and Mali. Development projects were started to empower the poor to live in hope.

CAMA Services now has projects in more than fifteen countries across the world, including famine relief in Mali, AIDS awareness compaigns in Burkina Faso, well-drilling in Vietnam, and a potato co-op in Mongolia.

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Short Term Missions

Short term missions are a priority at First Alliance. This blog includes reports from teams during and after trips, as well as articles that express our heart for missions.

Peru Application Forms

Peru 2018 Mission Trip Application

Peru 2018 Reference Form

Read more on our blog.

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If you are interested in going on a short term trip contact Kerry Dorrell to find out what’s coming up in the future.


Following our Missionaries

Many missionaries around the world are either members or being supported by First Alliance Church. Read about what these missionaries are doing around the world!


See our current list of FAC missionaries