March 12, 2017- Sermon: “The Puzzle of Prayer” (Steve Elliott)

March 12, 2017 at 2:12 pm Categories: News, Sermons

1. Share with the group about a significant answer to prayer you’ve had in the last three years.

2. Share with the group about a quiet answer to prayer that has proved to be more significant than it seemed at the time God answered it.

3. Share with the group the kind of flawed counsel or advice you were given when a prayer was not answered in accord with your expectation of timeliness or the nature of the answer: (ie) “God is not answering your prayer because He is punishing you.”

3.b What is your biggest doubt about prayer?

4. Who in your life is someone you would say is known for a deep prayer life? Have they ever shared with you their views on unanswered prayer?

5. When or what motivates you to pray?

6. When or what have you noticed that reduces or slows down your desire to pray?

7. What was one ‘aha’ moment you had as you listened to the sermon?

8. What is one small noticeable change you might make in  your prayer life after hearing this sermon?