“Jendi en Guinea”

March 10, 2011 at 10:08 pm Categories: Guinea - Hope Clinic

For those French majors out there following the blog, forgive me if the title is not on spot, but you get the point. “Thursday in Guinea” marked the halfway mark for this unforgettable calling from the Lord for the entire team. We all wish we had eyes in the back of our heads so we don’t miss any of the incredible ways God is at work at the “Centre Medical L’Esperance de N’Zao”.

R. Scott Morehead found an opportunity to utililize the ultrasound machine to assist in the evaluation of patients in the midst of another busy consultation day, and we fully expect the word to get out in N’Zao about his expertise – look out Scott! A lecture on bronchial asthma to the medical staff provided by Sohail Haroon was very well received after another “all-nighter” getting the power point tuned up. His dedication to teaching has been a blessing. Judy Schreiber spent the both morning and afternoon seeing patients in consultation, and the line to see her grows longer as the seasoned pro in the bunch. The patients have seen both her care and prayers for healing. Speaking of seasoned pro’s, Kerry Dorrell has learned how to put eyes in the back of his head: preparing breakast once again, stringing phone line, devising a brace for a clubfoot patient, observing surgery, and the list goes on. Definition of a servant: Kerry. Kenny Parker and Mike Kirk worked in the operating room with the local staff on three patients – all orthopaedic cases – and the training has been well received. The donated medical equipment God “pulled off the shelf” back home has come in very handy – He knew what we would need.

Well, I guess that is all for now. Time to bed down and pray for eyes in the back of my head!

Bon Soire, Mike