J2J Fiesta Night Recap

September 18, 2014 at 11:01 am Categories: Church Planting, News

Our Journey to Jessamine has begun!  We had over 100 adults, teens, and kids join us last Sunday!

Here are the highlights from our first J2J Party:

  1. FOOD:   Plentiful.  If you like to eat…you simply must come!
  2. TIMELINE: The plan is to launch in 2015.  We will host J2J Parties once a month this fall and in the spring (6 months before launch) we will have monthly preview services.
  3. PEOPLE: Our goal is for 50% of those at First Alliance living in Jessamine County to be part of the plant—roughly 200 people!  We also want to gather roughly 150-200 people from outside First Alliance to join the adventure as well.
  4. LOCATION: Our prayer is to partner with either West Jessamine High School or East Jessamine Middle School for space to use on Sundays.  Both of these schools have spaces that would not require the setting up and tearing down of chairs each week.
  5. PHILOSOPHY: We are committed to blessing our community and meeting needs.  For every dollar we spend on ourselves we plan on giving a dollar away and we will run as lean as possible in order to be able to do this.   We spent roughly $150 dollars on ourselves for the gathering, but we spent $320 to bless the administrators, faculty, and staff of Nicholasville Elementary!  We prayed for each person by name, wrote each one a note, and gave them each a $5.00 gift card to J’s Place (the new local coffee shop).  From the outset we are committed to be a body that thinks outward.  We chose this mantra:  “In Jessamine.  For Jessamine.
  6. MISSION STATEMENT: “Create space where others can find Hope and walk in Freedom.”   Remember, Hope is a Person and Freedom is a Person as well…that is why they are capitalized.  Our Hope is Jesus Christ and our Freedom is the Holy Spirit…all a gift from our Heavenly Father!
  7. GRACE TO GLORY: We introduced Tim Harrison, director of Grace to Glory Ministries, who will be relocating his ministry to Jessamine County to be part of what we are doing here!  His ministry is focused on discipleship and counseling and will be an integral part in our desire to bless the community.
  8. RESOURCE SPACE: We shared our focus to “resource people rather than programs”.  Part of that philosophy means we will need space available for your use on a regular basis since we will hopefully be renting space on Sundays.  We are in talks with J’s Place to utilize the space above their coffee shop.  We love that it is in the heart of Jessamine County (right across the street from the courthouse) and truly is a beautiful building.  J’s Place has a similar heart for the community and want us there.  We will have to renovate the space, but J’s has agreed to let us do that in lieu of rent for a couple years and then they simply want us to pay our utilities…how amazing is that!  Bottom line…they are entrusting us with that space because they believe we will love our community well!  Be praying for the details to be worked out over the next month.   Hopefully we will have some great news at our next J2J Party!
  9. 10:27.  We were challenged to set an alarm at 10:27 (AM or PM…your choice) and when the alarm sounds we are to take a deep breath in, slowly let it out, listen, and then pray the word “favor”.  (It only takes 10 seconds…I promise!)  We are asking Father for favor at First Alliance—we need Jessamine County folks to join this mission.  We are asking Father for favor with the schools—we need space to meet.  We are asking Father for favor in our community—we want to bless and love well.  We need favor and we are asking Father for it each day at 10:27.
  10. CONTACT INFORMATION: I gave out my email (bryone@faclex.com) as well as my cell (859.553.6157).  Feel free to contact me at any time and I will do my best to answer any questions you might have.
  11. NEXT MEETING: Our next J2J Party will be on Sunday, October 19th from 5-7 PM and we will have it once again at Keith and Dana Frank’s home.  We will talk about our core values, find out what 10:27 is all about, have another outreach opportunity, and maybe even find out the name of the new church!  Sign up and let us know you if are coming:

As you can see, we covered a lot of ground at our first party!  It has been a pleasure walking with you into this story and I’m grateful we are in this together!

After everyone left on Sunday, I looked at Keith Frank and simply said, “No turning back now!”

I’m all in…how about you?