Isn’t It a Good Thing…

May 6, 2015 at 5:14 pm Categories: Sermons

Date: May 3, 2015

Speaker: Dr. Steve Elliott

Text: John 21:15-19


Isn’t it a good thing that the Kingdom of God is not a factory where flawed people get discarded, tossed aside?

The One who is perfect love walks us through the hard place of being honest with our past so we can be entirely whole for our future.

Maybe Jesus just wanted to get to him first to let him know that he knew about the falling of those tears. Just as he knows all about your tears that fall.

The first option, rejection, is really only self-righteous legalism on display.

But the other, unqualified acceptance, is only cheap grace.

1) Agape: love that is centered in the will, full of purpose but also full of affection

2) Phileo: love that implies friendship and affinity

True humility in someone softens the hearts of even the most suspicious person.

We are not disqualified from serving him or being loved by him or being used by him because we don’t always hit that mark. He can work with the love you offer him.

What Peter is hearing Jesus say is that the “Next time, you won’t deny me, Peter.”

My children, never confuse a single mistake with a final mistake.

In an irony of unusual proportions, the chains that bind us most are the chains Jesus has already broken for us.

You are restored now. So don’t live as if you are not. Don’t live like a walking apology for your past.

In John 21, he’s trying to prove that he’s still the disciple most sold out to Jesus and somehow not the one who sold Jesus out.

Second trap Satan catches us with: the trap of endless remorse.

Brave New World  “chronic remorse” “If you have behaved badly, repent… on no account brood over your wrong doings. Rolling in the muck is never the best way of getting clean.” Aldous Huxley

But isn’t it a bad thing, when the church gets it wrong?

God uses broken things.