Here, There, & Everywhere

October 10, 2014 at 10:32 am Categories: News

Special Offering

November 20

Every year we take a special offering around the Thanksgiving season. We have called it our “Summit Sunday’” offering which has been used exclusively to reduce our mortgage principal. We’ve repurposed this offering in some measure while still keeping its original intent. We call it our “Here, There and Everywhere” offering. It is divided in three to serve the three purposes that are at the heart of our DNA as a church. Here is what that looks like.


Here … We want to continue to accelerate our giving to our mortgage in order to free up funds to expand the ministry God has given us in this region. It will also lead us toward our goal of paying off our mortgage in 2020.


There … We want to bless our current church plants, Simple Church, NewDay, and Shadowland.



Everywhere … We want to give to the Great Commission Fund that supports over 800 Alliance international workers, and the Browns.

We encourage you to pray about what you can give. We have often challenged people to aim high and give a week’s income. But that is between you and God and how he leads you. But do participate and share in the joy of what is raised to the Glory of God.