Kiosk Giving Instructions


  • Select the “Give Now” option to donate to a particular fund.
  • Select the particular fund you want your donation to go to.
  • Enter the amount of the donation in the “Amount” field. To add additional comments to your gift enter it in the “Notes” field.
  • Select “Give Now”. To change the budget chosen, select “Change Budget”.
  • Select “Process Payment” or if you want to add more to your donation select “Add More to Gift”.
  • Swipe your card with the stripe facing down in the card reader to the right.
  • Enter your email address and select “Process Donation” to submit your donation, or click “Cancel Donation” to cancel.
  • Enter any additional contact information and select “Save Information”, or select “Skip”.
  • A prompt will appear saying “Your Gift was Successful”, click “Ok”.

Registering for an Event

  • Select “Event Registration”.
  • Select which event you want to register for.
  • Enter all the information listed on the form.
  • Select “Submit Registration”.
  • If the registration requires payment a prompt will appear asking you to swipe your card.