Gearing up for Peru 2014!

May 30, 2014 at 11:45 am Categories: Peru, Short Term Missions

Are you a list maker? I have to be – there’s too much stuff to be remembered, and it all won’t fit nicely and neatly in my brain! Right now, we’re listing a lot of things as our team prepares to head to Trujillo, Peru, in less than three weeks – our trip is June 16-25. Here are a few lists to catch you up on who we are and what we’ll be doing:
Our team of 15 people has…
– 9 ladies and 6 men
– 8 students – 2 of them college
– 2 newly graduated high schoolers
– 5 adults
– 9 newbies and 6 veterans to Peru
In Peru, we…
– serve with Inca Link, a ministry started by C&MA missionaries
– work hard helping build an orphanage being built in Trujillo
– will serve at a daycare filled with orphans and children whose parents work in the garbage dump
– get to hand out fruit, smiles, and prayers to people working in the garbage dumps
– enjoy worship at a C&MA church
– experience a new culture – sights, sounds, smells, and food!
– make new friends and reconnect with those we already know there
Here’s a list for YOU – some things our team still needs…
– Rides to and from the Cincinnati airport (contact me for details)
– Small jars of bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and jump ropes (for the daycare)
– Beef jerky and Nutella (gifts for the Inca Link interns)
– Large plastic cooking spoons and blue and white kitchen towels (gifts for the ladies who cook our meals)
– around $5000 left of our fundraising (out of $30,000 – thanks to those of you who have given!)
Most importantly – a short list of things you can pray for:
– team unity and bonding
– strength, health, and safety for the entire team
– that God would free us all to serve him with joy and boldness
And finally, the team – thanks for praying for us!
Bailey Brown, Ellie Cardona, Jason Davis, Stephen Davis, Tim Davis, Morgen Hillis, Justin Iler, Chris Johnson, Ellie Long, Deb MacKay, Richard McInteer, Samantha McInteer, Sarah Lin McInteer, Becca Paschal, Darby White