February 26, 2017- Sermon: “Just Say No To Carrots!” (Steve Elliott)

February 26, 2017 at 1:22 pm Categories: News, Sermons

1. Whose approval or acceptance  matters most to you, on human level? Why would up pick them?

2. The person whose approval  or acceptance we need most actually has some measure of power over our life. In your case, is that handled with grace and care and love?

3. Talk about a time when someone dangled a carrot in front of you and you reached for it only to find it had been pulled away.

4. On your journey with Jesus, have you ever bumped into a Simon? It might look like someone who makes it seem that you are only a good Christian if you think and behave like they do. How did that affect you in your walk with Jesus and how did you handle?

5. What counsel or advice would you want to give to someone who currently is facing the experience of Question #4?

6. What practical ways can you and I express acceptance to persons like the woman in Luke 7?

7. Was there an aha moment for you in the sermon? Share it with the group.

8. What might be one small just noticeable change in your thinking or behavior in light of what you heard in the sermon?