A Girls Night Out

Women’s Christmas Event

Thursday, December 4

7:00 – 9:00 pm

Children’s Arena (3rd floor)


It’s an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! Come for fun, a chance to laugh and enjoy each other as begin the Christmas Season. We will have a fashion show with prizes so wear your favorite “Ugly Chistmas Sweater.” There will be snacks and sweets and decorations to match!

Come for inspiration. We will sing carols and hear from a group of First Alliance women how God has met them in the uglies of their lives. You’ll hear the stories, be inspired and come to know each other better.

We will collect donations for a financial gift to the Hope Center for Women, to bring love and care and hope to women caught in the ugly of life.

Join us and bring a friend as we get together to relax, laugh, and be restored in this Christmas Season.

Remember to wear your favorite “Ugly Christmas Sweater!”